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How many times have you entered your search parameters for your buyer and up pop the candidates from which you may select the very best homes that you want to show.  You select the top ten and you open a new window to look at the "full" listing, including a link to all of the pictures that the listing agent has uploaded of their client's property.  You select a listing and open the photos and you find:

1.) There are only 4 pictures of a possible 20 that are allowed to be uploaded

2.) The pictures are so dark that you can't tell if the room has furniture

3.) The flowers are blooming and the trees all have leaves...   in February

4.) You click on the small picture expecting to see a larger version and instead you get a duplicate of the original size. And none of the pictures have agent comments.

5.) The "front" picture looks like it was taken immediately after the rain quit on that day last month with the tornado warning

6.) The quality of the photo (out-of-focus, composition, etc.) looks like something your daughter might have taken with her "Barbie's First Camera" point and shoot

Come on people!  Are you a professional agent?  Aren't you supposed to be providing exceptional service and doesn't that include your ability to market your listing in a professional manner?!  Take a look at some other agent's listings (including mine) and find the ones with pictures that really look good.  Then go and talk with that agent to find out what they are doing right and copy it.  And...  if YOU can't do it yourself, hire somebody that can and pay them to do it correctly!  Your listings should all contain the maximum number of pictures and be of excellent quality (composition and lighting, blue skies, clean and tidy) in order to best represent your seller's property.

Need tips on how to take good pictures?  Come see some of my listing's pictures at www.HomeTeamGwinnett.com or http://homesgwinnettcountyga.yourkwagent.com . Then email me and tell me about the problem you need to overcome.  I have decades of experience in photography and might be able to answer your questions about taking GREAT marketing pictures that get your homes sold!

Next time:  Using FREE email tools to promote your real estate listings.

Bob Tettman, Realtor   Keller Williams Realty - Atlanta Partners   Duluth, GA

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