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A Great Mortgage Experience

Many times I have used this space to educate on the mortgage process or let people know some of the pitfalls that come up in a mortgage loan transaction. Today I want to relate a good experience that I had as the broker in the transaction and why it was a good experience.

The borrower was young and recently out of college. They were working a full time job and felt it was time to buy a home. So, they got pre-qualified and began their search. They took their time to find a great buy (not too hard these days!!!) and we started in on the process. They were actively involved the whole way through, asking questions and providing the documentation almost as soon as I asked for it. All along they appreciated my constant contact and information about the status of their loan. In the end they got the loan they wanted and closed on time. A great experience for everyone!

Now let's examine why this worked as well as it did.

1) The buyer had kept their credit clean and was able to qualify for a conforming loan.
2) They had themselves pre-qualified to make sure they looked for a home that they could afford.
3) Taking the time to find a house that they could get a deal on will be a long term plus.
4) They understood that as a lender I needed to know about their finances and they were organized and able to document all their financial claims.
5) They knew that, in order to stay on top of their closing date, I needed to be in frequent communication with them and their realtor.
6) Finally, they kept the proper attitude that finding a home and buying it should be a FUN process.

If you keep all of these things in mind when you purchase your next home, your experience should be a great one too as long as you find a lender that you know and trust.

As always your questions are welcome!

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