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Bluebird Gap Farm Park - Hampton, VA

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As the weather warms up in Hampton Roads, I am get the itch to go visit some of our local parks with my daughters.  Hampton City's "Blue Bird Gap Farm" is no exception.  Bluebird Gap is 60 acres with lots of animals, both farm animals and wild animals. 

Bluebird Gap Farm


There are all types of birds from ducks and geese, a chicken house and you will be greeted by peacocks roaming around.  Farm animals include, cows, horses, goats, pigs, and llamas.  There is a deer and bunnies as well.  My daughters also enjoy the large playground with loads of swings and slides.  There are plenty of picnic tables if you want to bring a lunch.  This last visit we enjoyed watching the baby goats that were born just about a month ago.  They have school programs and is starting a 4-H program.  All this and the park is free of charge.  Yet another great way to spend a day with your kids in Hampton Roads.

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Peacock at Bluebird Gap Farm Peacock at Bluebird Gap Farm Baby Goats at Bluebird Gap Farm Cow at Bluebird Gap Farm