Fort Collins Average Temperatures and Precipitation

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This afternoon it started snowing again!

With all this crazy changing March weather surprising us right now, I've decided to provide some local weather statistics and data about Fort Collins Colorado.

We have 4 distinct seasons

As you'll see in the following data, Fort Collins experiences 4 distinct seasons. It's also a very sunny city with a fairly dry climate. Honestly, I  think Colorado experiences some of the best weather in the U.S. I love experiencing 4 seasons and seeing the changes that occur each month.

This Weather is Good for My Allergies

Another thing I've noticed, is that this type of climate can be very helpful to certain individuals that suffer from allergies and hay fever. Personally, I have a severe allergy to dust mites. However, dust mites cannot live in a climate that has a humidity level below 50%. This doesn't mean that all allergies get better living here, but I've heard of numerous instances where this climate has really helped improve peoples allergy conditions.


Below are the Average Monthly Temperatures for Fort Collins Colorado:

Fort Collins Average Monthly Temperature

Average Monthly Precipitation

Fort Collins Average Monthly Precipitation

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