Eliminate the Urgent

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From my experiences urgent tasks have short- term consequences while important tasks are those with long-term, goal-oriented implications. I suggest you work towards reducing the really urgent things you must do so you will have time for your important priorties. Highlighting or flagging these items on your to do list or attaching a deadline to each item may help you keep important items from becoming urgent emergencies. These urgent emergencies can real pains in the butt and are extremely time consuming. When looking at a customers file i put in a manila folder with the name , state and what type of deal they are qualifying for. I then have a log sorted by date which shows what was sent to me or what the bank sent me. With this organization i am able to look up what the status on the file is at the moment or what was needed for the file on a certain day. Sometimes we think that we wont forget things but it happens we are all human. We get distracted during the day and we can expect ourselves to be working 24 hours a day. The worst menality to have is " eh ill do it manana (tommorow).....................

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