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Property management is a world of decisions, business, money, and a bit of juggling. As a former college basketball player, turned Property Manger, I often times remember the struggles of a busy life style.

Through college I watched many different types of collegiate athletes come and go through the ranks. I watched my coach that had been coaching for more than 35 years and was the most winningest coach in Colorado, scream and kick and yell night after night. Finally, going into my senior year of college I began to realize the truth behind the yelling. He was a teacher, a mentor, and a prideful man that taught on morals. With the right will, determination, and humility he prepared us for life.

After graduating with a degree in Business and Computer Science I learned to juggle my tasks and goals. There was no telling what was to come in the business world. After pursuing my trades in a few different directions, I now realize my true passion.

In property management I can meet new people, show them who I am and what I'm about, and help their lifetime investment. At HomePointe we are not here because of the recession, or because sales are down. We are here because we manage properties with integrity, poise, and a lot of hard work.


Andrew Pokorny

Property Manager

HomePointe Property Management

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