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If financial stress is causing you to fall behind in your mortgage, there are multiple options available to you that a certified short sale licensed realtor can assist with. Financial Crisis is a personal matter that many do not want to share with others. Often times it is long reaching and affects every aspect of one's life to include a strong financial future and credit rating. If timely action is not taken many appropriate and viable solutions may become unavailable. Please take a moment to review a few of these options with a brief description below.

Mortgage Refinance: An option available if there is sufficient equity & credit rating is in good standing.

Mortgage Modification: reduction to one of the following interest rate on loan, the principal balance of the loan, the term of the loan, or any combination of these, for a more affordable mortgage.

Forbearance or Repayment Plan: Negotiation with Mortgage Company to allow repayment of back-payments over a period of time.

Short Sale: Dignified alternative to foreclosure when more is owed on a property then it is currently worth. Allows for the sale of the property at a lower price then what is owed.

Deed-in-lieu: Return of property to the lender as opposed to going through the foreclosure process or pursuing the short sale option.

Renting the Property: An option for low mortgages that can be converted to a rental property and using rental income to pay the mortgage.

Service Members Civil Relief Act: Program created to help military members experiencing financial distress due to deployment.

Sale of a Property: May be accomplished if sufficient equity is available with an experienced, qualified agent who thoroughly understands the market.

For many homeowners, this is a highly emotional, hopeless and stressful time however you should know that you are not alone. There are millions of homeowners, just like you making this difficult decision. Be informed, know all of your options, keep the options available to you, act and do not just walk away! If you reside in Denver metro area or the Front Range contact Tim Ghaemi, a licensed realtor and a Certified Distress Property Expert who can assist you back to the path of financial security!

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Tamra 98

I am one of the resident's for Alborz Real Estate Co. Just wanted to give give Kudos to Tim & his management team! They are a wonderful group of people; always there for amything! This winter we had a small problem over a weekend with the heat! Within less than an hour a repair person was at our door & had us up & running in time! Thanks guys, you rock!

Jul 01, 2011 06:45 AM