Highlight of the Day….

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

Ok, so you know you are having a bad day when the highlight of your day is the 2 hour webinar class required to complete your CRB designation. I mean, this was yesterday and today is not that much better. Thursdays always used to be my favorite day, but that has steered off course recently.

Now, not to say anything about the CRB course...in fact, it was great!!! (i have part 2 today) and if you are a Broker going for your CRB and only need like 1 credit hour, check out John Mayfields course. You can visit his site at www.RealEstateTechGuy.com  and i believe it is called 21 mistakes a broker shouldn't make...or something to that affect. It really is cool and very interesting (plus you get a free book)!

But, what do we do with bad days...usually i say look forward to the next. How about when that turns into a bad day as well? Well, then look forward to the CRB class at the end of your day...LOL. But seriously, i guess we shift our focus to more important matters than the ones currently weighing us down. I would say the little girl my wife and I have on the way next week can for sure take my attention away form the petty work problems of this week...


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