Out to lunch

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Last Monday I decided to try something new for lunch so I jumped on my motorcycle and headed out. Initially I had looked up a place on Center Blvd on Snoqualmie ridge but I didn't see it there. Not sure if I just overlooked it or if it was closed down so I kept on motoring along. I remembered there was a Teriyaki place down the hill toward Railroad St so I pulled back out on Snoqulamie Parkway and headed headed down the hill. I came to the little strip mall across the street from the Snoqualmie fire dept. and turned in. There ws Happy at the Bay Teriyaki. I pulled into a parking spot, jumped off by bike, pulled off my helmet and gloves and walked on in. First impressions were great! The place is pretty new so it looked nice and modern and clean. The gal behind the register was very friendly and helpful. I ordered my usual teriyaki chicken and a fountain pop, paid for my meal, poured my drink and found me a table. By the time I got sat down the lady behind the register had a bowl of Miso soup and a fork and napkin there for me. This was a pleasant surprise! I've never been to a teriyaki place that served Miso soup as a free appitizer. I sipped away at my soup and just as I was finishing the last of it she was there with my teriyaki chicken. I have 3 things I look for in a teriyaki restaurant. The first is how good is the teriyaki sauce. Here it was great! It was a little thick like a glaze, just how I like it, it had great flavor and they didn't skimp. The 2nd thing I look for is a great dressing on the salad. This didn't dissapoint either. It was a nice creamy dressing and again the didn't skimp. I like having leftovers to pour over my rice which I did. The thrid thing is I look for a bottle of teriyaki sauce on the table. In the event they don't get enough on the chicken I like to be able to pour a little more onto the chicken. I also like pouring it on the portion of my rice that I don't put the salad dressing on. The service there was excellent and they were very friendly as well. They made sure I knew my fountain pop was refillable for free and they also offered me a free refill on my Miso soup. If you like Teriyaki and are on Snoqualmie Ridge I'd highly recomend checking out Happy at the Bay Teriyaki.
mmm hmmm

I  like them french fried potaters. mmm hmmm.

Mar 26, 2010 11:54 AM
Happy Bay

Just be careful... too much of that sauce and it'll go straight to your hips. That extra weight will slow you down when motoring along.

Mar 28, 2010 03:01 PM

With a name like that, it sounds like their specialty is the ending!

do they have biscuits and gravey?

Mar 29, 2010 07:54 AM