Paul and Carol David YMCA- Jackson Twp OH

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The Paul and Carol David  YMCA in Jackson Township is one of the newest  YMCA's in Stark County.  It is in the heart of Jackson Township.


I joined the Paul and Carol David YMCA this past January, and I have been happy with the programs, staff and the facility.  They have programs for everyone, the staff is helpful, the instructors are professional and the building is clean, spacious and well planned. 


My schedule includes yoga,  pilates, treadmill workout, weights, cardio and even the pool when I take swimming lessons.  I'm stiff and get fatigued easily from having MS, but I do what I can, and I can feel the difference already.  

I have to say I don't feel all that graceful in the yoga class, but I love the cool down time when we lay on our mats covered with a blanket.  You would be surprised at how cold you get when you stop exercising.  

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