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Issaquah homes, like Issaquah itself, are becoming increasingly desirable.  The close-nit community, convenient location, and welcoming atmosphere make Issaquah homes the perfect place to live.

The affordability of Issaquah homes makes them some of the most desirable housing in the region.  In July of 2007, nearby Bellevue's median home price was approximately $699,000, Sammamish's was $765,000, and Redmond's was $625,000.  The median price of Issaquah homes in that same time period, however, was only $489,000 - hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper than houses in neighboring towns, and yet only a few minutes away. 

The town's location is one of Issaquah's many perks.  Close to the big cities as well as nature, everyone is just minutes away from their dream environment.   Technology workers, for example, can make the quick commute to Microsoft in Redmond on weekdays and hike at Squak Mountain State Park on weekends.  All Issaquah homes are within a short distance of the main driving routes, too, providing all residents (not just some) with such convenience.

Issaquah homes have been built over the last century, giving buyers many options when it comes to age, style, and price.   However, most construction in the area began in the 1980's after the Microsoft boom.  As a result, a vast majority of Issaquah homes are quite modern.   Development is still going strong today, with individual houses and entire neighborhoods still being constructed.  Buyers looking for brand-new Issaquah homes will be thrilled with their selection.

The town's neighborhoods have an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable to everyone.  Sidewalks, tree-lined streets, and quiet cul-de-sacs are perfect for children, and the town's low crime-rate allows parents to feel comfortable with their kids playing outside.   Of course, young families by no means dominate the city.  Many recent graduates reside in Issaquah, taking advantage of the town's closeness to major companies and relative affordability.   Retirees also love peace and quiet of Issaquah homes, as well as the town's many recreational activities.

As more and more residents discover this gem of a town, Issaquah homes are guaranteed to rapidly increase in value.   Thus, now is the best time to invest in an Issaquah home.  To learn about Issaquah's many benefits and Issaquah real estate opportunities, contact the Home4Investment real estate team

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