Redmond Condominiums

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Redmond condominiums are becoming increasingly popular.  Generally newer and located near main routes, more and more buyers are finding that Redmond condominiums boast the qualities they are looking for in a home.

Convenient locations are major upsides of Redmond condominiums.  A majority of Redmond condominiums are constructed within just a few, short miles of Microsoft's 300-acre campus headquarters.   A large percent of the company's 30,000 employees commute to the site daily, and residents of Redmond condominiums have a hefty head start on the drive, bike, or walk.

Some of the most desirable Redmond condominiums are not only close to Microsoft; they are also on the waterfront of Lake Sammamish.   Residents of these Redmond condominiums are just a stroll away from a refreshing swim or day of fun, and the lake views from most units are magnificent.  The water also promises residents a quiet, peaceful environment.

Another quality that makes the condos attractive to residents is the low-maintenance lifestyle they allow.  While Redmond condominiums share the financial investment benefits of single-family homes, condo owners don't have to spend their money fixing roofs, building additions, or maintaining yards.

Most importantly, however, Redmond condominiums are a fraction of the price of typical houses in the area.  Though rarely as large as the immense single-family homes, the condos are quite spacious and leave plenty of room to live comfortably.  In fact, though "small" by Redmond standards, these condos are often as big or bigger than single-family houses in other cities.

Plus, since so many Redmond condominiums are brand-new, residents get to enjoy the most modern technology, layouts, and other comforts.   Stainless steel appliances, light-sensing window shades, and energy efficient machines are only a few of the dozens of exciting Redmond condominium features.

Priced from the mid-$200,000's, even those who haven't yet gotten their dream job at Microsoft can afford to live in a Redmond condominium.   To learn more about how to make Redmond Real Estate your home, contact the Home4Investment real estate team!

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