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 Short Sales in the Pleasanton California Area and Lazy Realtors?


Selling Short Sales as a Realtor in the Pleasanton, California area, I  have seen that unfortunately our industry has carried a heavy baggage of lazy Realtors looking for a quick buck. Yes! the last two years have been somehow helpful of getting rid of many of these agents, but the REO market (also call foreclosure market) has given the opportunity to some inexperienced, unethical and plain lazy Realtors to exercise Real Estate and make a tremendous amount of money while doing so.


We as Realtors, (and I have said this in some of my blogs) forget that we are not here curing cancer, changing the world or doing anything but presenting a service to a particular community. We have come to believe that because at some point we could afford to lease a fancy car, we became the Burgoise of the working class. Fellows, we did not!


We as Short Sale and Foreclosure agents will be out of work eventually once this mess has settled if we have not cared for the community we work for. Foreclosure agents have a Bank as a client right now, yes they have made money, and yes they will continue to do so as long as the market has foreclosures. Once this is over, the way you as a Realtor conducted business during these difficult times, will reflect on how you will be perceived by the community around you.


Our job is to help people buying or selling a home.  This is what my wife and I have done for the last few years, but perhaps more than ever during the the last 2 1/2 years. We had been able to successfully closed over 70 Short Sales in our market area, and when I say “we have closed”, I mean it! we have done this ourselves, not through an outside company, not through anyone but ourselves. By helping people successfully out of the property through a well executed Short Sale we have really helped people out there tremendously. There is a proper way to do a Short Sale  and experience is very important, this is something that the consumer needs to look for when hiring a Realtor for a Short Sale.


Short Sales are a complete different animal and they require a whole new set of additional skills, please do not hire just any Realtor to do a Short Sale, screen the Realtors before getting into a Short Sale, ask him or her how many Short Sales have they done successfully  during the last 2 years and verify that, why? because you need that experience to work for you! These things are not easy, they are not fun and you are walking away with nothing after selling that home, but you need to exit this moment in life as unscratched as possible. Do your research, verify, ask if they are hiring other people to do the Short Sale for them, if they are don't hire them! why? because they are not doing the work, they just want to collect.

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