Cape Coral, Fort Myers Home Owners – Is a Short Sale for You?

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Are you telling yourself that you'll just "walk away" from your home? Foreclosure is the worse choice possible. There is no such thing as "walking away'. The bank will file a judgment and you will have to file bankruptcy. That is really no fun. Your credit will be shot for years. If you can't keep up your home payments there are other options than foreclosure.

I realize most of the available information that helps homeowners make pre-foreclosure decisions is confusing. Most homeowners are in denial, confused and stressed at the prospect of loosing their home. Your best option may be a short sale. A short sale is at no cost to the seller. A well negotiated short sale will mean you can avoid a deficiency judgment A short sale will minimalize credit damage compared to a foreclosure.

How do you initiate a short sale? Hire a local Realtor, like myself, with successful short sale experience. I will market your home to get a solid contract at market price. Have your recent financial information and a well written hardship letter to your bank prepared. I will submit all your info to your banks asset manager in your behalf. Then the negotiation process begins. Usually nothing more is required of you. Expect the bank to pay all closing costs including negotiation fees and real estate commissions. The process will take a few months depending on your bank. Meanwhile, you can stay in the home until the short sale closes.... FREE

Stop the denial, stop kidding yourself, stop going through your savings, stop drowning in debt and give me a call. My advice is FREE.

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