Time - Share Properties

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Time - shares can be a very profitable business. A time-share is a real estate development in which a buyer can purchase the exclusive right to  occupy a unit for a specified period time each year. The time is usually in one week intervals and can be a fixed week or a floating week. In addation to the one time purchase price, owners of time shares pay a fee per year for property managment and property maintenance. Time shares usually are resort-type subdivisions created with the intention of selling to customers who want somewhere to retire or a second vacation home. Time shares are purchased mostly as a vacation investment because the actual cost of owning a good time share is less than renting comparable hotel accomodations year after year. Aotjer advantage is the ability to trade vacations with other time share owners through exchange programs and travel all over the world. The most common time share is a resort condo. THese condo range from a studio up to a five bedroom unit. Less common time shares accomodations include hotel rooms, houseboats, and sometimes even motor homes. Here in California in order to sell time shares you must have a real estate license. 

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