Helen Ga Real Estate "Sad Days in Northeast Georgia"

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Northeast Georgia has been experience some sad days, on March 27, 2010 a true advocate of our area died tragically.  Former Senator Nancy Schaefer's untimley death will affect many in our area.  She has been a constant reminder of what is right, what is good and what family values and childrens' rights mean.  Personally, I will miss her.  She was a very bright spot on all election days.  Whether she was running for office, or not, she came to the polls and voted.  Due to her husband's ill health she declined to run for office in 2008.  She was gracious in her decisions, putting family before self.  Nancy was a politician in the finest meaning of the word, she seem to thrive on issues and solutions. When you are steeped in politics as she was, not campaigning and running for office can leave  a void, a hole in your life. I am sure she missed it.  However she always came to vote, I worked at the polling place where she and her husband Bruce voted.  Nancy always came in looking picture perfect and she was always gracious. and she never left without thanking the poll workers for being there.

Yes these are sad days in Northeast Georgia.   We have lost a valuable asset by Nancy Schaefer's death, and condolences for the family and for our area are in order.  God Speed Nancy!

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