To buy a Condo or not to buy a Condo in Texas or anywhere else.

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So you're thinking about buying a condo in Texas or maybe somewhere else.  There are a few things you should ask yourself before venturing on such an adventure.  First off, how are you with those pesky little noises, like hearing the five inch stilettos at three o'clock in the morning above your bedroom, or the neighbor who always lets his door slam at 6am when he leaves for work.  Or, better yet, my one neighbor who left her dog alone in the condo next to me for two days as it howled mercilessly to be set free.  My favorite is the couple down the hall that always seem to have a strange smell wafting from beneath their door come dinner time.  All I can say is please don't ever invite me over!

But, with all that said, I absolutely love where we live.  Yes, there are definitely many little pesky nuances to living in close quarters with others, but the advantage of not having to spend my weekends mowing my yard, maintaining a garden, or worrying about the levels of chlorine in the pool all make my few seconds of nuisance well worth it. 

Not to mention for every one neighbor that causes me some annoyance, I have met one who is amazing and will be a lifelong friend.  Which brings me to the social aspect of condo living.  Because you have purchased this home versus renting, you have a deeper connection than just the same tastes with your fellow neighbors.  You already have something in common to chat about when you run into someone at the mailbox or out back walking the dog.  I have met more friends living in a condo I purchased than I ever did in the gazillion places I have rented all over the United States.  Your social life will flourish with parties, dinners, poker games, committees, etc. 

So in the end, the next time I smell someone smoking a cigarette off the balcony that forces me to close my window, I will only let it bother me for a second so that I can move on to relishing in the fact that I am not alone in this world, but surrounded by the many different, fun, and interesting personalities that make this world go around.


The author Jenny Clancy lives happily in her condo in Marina del Rey, CA J


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