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Statistics and Research Results about THE POWER OF VIDEO ADVERTISING ONLINE

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I have spend a lot of time on researching what kind of advertising will give me more exposure and help me to promote myself, without spending a fortune. This is my conclusion:


Look at the research results from a reputable Research Company:


         Ever Seen Online Video Ad                                 Effect of Ad Exposure

         Yes         80%                                          Took action after seeing video ad (NET)        52%

         No          20%                                          Elicited a response                                      45%

                                                                       Looked for more information                        28%

                                        Action Taken After Viewing Online Video Ads

Checked out company website                             31%            Made purchase               12%

Searched for info about the product                     22%             Forwarded video ad          9%

Clicked banner ad that accompanied video           19%             Signed up                       9%

Talked to friends/family about the product           16%             Called toll free #              5%

Gone to store to check out product                      15%             Ordered subscription         4%

Requested info about product                            13%

Click on the above link to view full results of studies taken from http://www.online-publishers.org/


- Forrester Research predicts that Video Email will replace Text Email

- eMarketer predicts that online video advertising will grow 500% from 2006 - 2010

- Bill Gates recently predicted that the Internet is set to revolutionize television within 5 years

It is no wonder that Google acquired YouTube for 1.65 Billion, with over 100 Million Americans (not to mention the rest of the world) watching video online now. We are seeing a major shift in consumer habits, and that sooner or later we all will be following the new trends, just like we did when the cell phones came out (remember the big old brick ?)or the computers came out. Who would have thought that Post Offices will be closing due to Emails ? Or that the TV Nielson Ratings would go down due to Video on the Internet !

I remember the first time I received a Video Email from a Realtor, I was so impressed with it, that I contacted him immediately and was just amazed when I learned that there were even more REVOLUTIONARY products:

Streaming Video Emails, Live Web Broadcasting (Broadcast LIVE to anywhere in the world, at any time, from anywhere, live and archived, even Pay-Per-View), Video Group Chats with 5 people simultaneously, Video Blogs, Podcasting, Interactive Calender, Secure Media Storage Vault (never loose my pictures, videos, music files  or documents again) and a Social Network and Online TV Station

I was almost afraid to ask how much it would be, when he told me that I can have all these amazing products and services for less than two Meals at McDonalds. He then told me, that he created the video email with 3 clicks of the mouse, and that all the other great products were just as easy-to-use.

Well, I signed up immediately and I am now in love with my computer and these incredible products and services, and use them every day in my business and private life. I like them so much, that I have become an Affiliate of this amazing company, it only made sense, with every Video Email I send out, I received the same reaction: WOW, how did you do this ? Where can I get it ?

If you like to see a Video about these products and services, please click on the link below:


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I noticed a few folks around here starting to use video ads for homes, blogging, etc. Good to know stuff.

Jul 26, 2007 07:13 AM
Charlottesville Solutions
Charlottesville Solutions - Charlottesville, VA
Christina, glad to see you are evaluating before just jumping in. Best of luck with it and thank you for the information. Regards, Charles
Jul 26, 2007 07:43 AM
Christina M.
Coral Springs, FL

Hello Dan, just wondering if you have already started using Video Ads? If you have, what kind of video advertising are you doing, and what is your feedback ?

Looking forward to hearing from you, Christina


Jul 30, 2007 08:06 AM
Christina M.
Coral Springs, FL

To: Charles

Thank you very much for your nice comments, which I really appreciate. I am actually doing really well with it and it can only get better since more and more people are getting into Video Advertising Online.

Sincerely, Christina Miranda

Jul 30, 2007 08:09 AM