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Years ago, my father started telling me that by the time you reach the end of March, you've reached the end of the year.  At 20-something I found his words of advice quite amusing.  After all, most of the year, and my life, still lay ahead.  It really didn't make sense to me how my dad could think of  March as the end of the year.  

As I've gotten a bit  older :) I realize the wisdom of his words...and its actually very applicable to us in real estate.  By March we have layed the foundation for our year; we've worked out our business plan, marketing and networking strategies, we are in full swing to take on clients whether they are relocating, downsizing, upsizing, first time home buyers or those in need of a change.  By the time spring ends and summer starts we will have helped clients start new lives -- either by selling their homes and/or finding a new house and helping with their transaction.  Fall & winter still bring buyers and sellers -- the process never really ends -- but the end of the year is already in the crosshairs. 

Guess time flies when you're having fun; just never realized how quickly it all goes by...and to think it is already the end of March and therefore close to the end of the year! 

Robert Hicks
United Country River City Realty - Savannah, TN

Hilde, It is amazing how fast tim gets by.. I must really behaving lots of fun... Yes, I am, Love what I do...

Mar 29, 2010 02:27 PM