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Wellesley welcomes Singh's Cafe to town

Singh's Cafe - Wellesley Hills, MA  With all of the rain that we've had in Eastern Massachusetts of late, there hasn't been much to celebrate - unless you work for one of those companies that pumps out basements.

But somehow through the overcast skies, I did find a ray of sunshine in town.  Singh's Cafe, located at 312 Washington Street in Wellesley Hills is reason enough to get into the car to brave the elements.

Now, I'm not going to try to be a restaurant critic, but I do feel that I have some qualifications to evaluate the quality of Indian food - having traveled throughout the world and tasting this delicious cuisine wherever I can.

I laugh when I think back 20 years ago; a young manager with an international firm in Luxembourg.  I had regular interactions with expatriate fund accountants from State Street Bank in Quincy.  These Boston-bred kids had never tasted Indian food.  My friends explained to me that the scope of "ethnic" food in Boston was limited to Italian, Chinese and Irish.

In almost a narcotic-induced state, I and my Bostonian friends would regularly go to our friend Ali Sherwani's famed restaurant Star of Asia, for an evening full of exotic tastes and outstanding service.  This was no London-style curry house, this was the real thing.

So, when this Seattle boy found his way to Boston in 1999, I was overjoyed to see that Boston's restaurant scene had exploded with maybe 3 or 4 Indian restaurants in town.  I tried them all.  I loved most of them.  Over the years, I've lost count of the number of Indian restuarants that have come and gone.  I've probablydined at most of them.

When I moved to South Natick a few years back, I wasn't satisfied with the offerings from the local establishments, so I found myself driving into Boston at least once a month to indulge in the joys of lamb tikka massala, samosas, aloo muttar, chicken korma, naan - - you name it - from my favorite restaurants in town.  My cookbook shelf also grew as I added Indian cookbooks to my collection.  I started shopping at Indian grocery stores for fresh spices that I could grind and make my own special sauces with.  I've promised my wife that our next house is going to have a tandor oven built in, because I love the combination of spices, and the generally healthy style of cooking.

So - - - all I have to say, is that Singh's Cafe fits the bill.  I stiill love to cook and I do love to entertain at home.  But having this wonderful restaurant so close to my office and to my home - it just makes life easier.

Whether you dine in or take out, the service staff are always very friendly and you are sure to be offered a taste of the chef's newest soup.  I've been through the menu, and really don't have a favorite dish.  They are all spectacular.  If you like your food hot, they can do so.  But don't be alarmed if you see on your receipt "on fire."  They make it hot, but not unbearable.

Singh's Cafe also has a luncheon buffet which I haven't been to.  I'm afraid that I wouldn't make it back to the office if I tried the buffet!

Oh, yea.  Singh's is just down the street from my office at 378 Washington Street.  Stop on by and say hello before or after dining at Singh's and let me know if you agree that this is a great addition to the Wellesley, MA restaurant collection.

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