Converting Your Many Different Types of Images

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Are you tired of having different programs on your computer to convert your many different types of images, videos and files? One program to convert your .jpeg, one program to convert your videos and on, and on, and on. Wouldn’t it be great to have to go to just one place and not have to download anything? You bet it would! Why not try Zamzar?

Zamzar is a new program that coverts your files and videos all in one place and with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

Conversion Types
You would not believe the conversions that this program can do. Documents can be turned into thumbnails versions for websites, PowerPoint presentations can be converted into Macromedia Flash Format. Did someone send you a PC Paintbrush files and you don’t have that program? Convert it for easy access.

Basic sign up costs around $7 a month and limits you to 200MB files a month. Bigger packages like PRO and Business let you download larger files and offer online storage.

Check out Zamzar today for all your file converting today and get rid of the extras. Your computer will thank you for it.


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