Sold "As-Is"

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty

Many factors are influencing the real estate market today. Markets are beginning to stabilize,  the Federal Tax Credit remains in effect until April 30th, many discounted home values (i.e.- foreclosures and/or short sales) and lets face it; the weather is just plain nice.

When searching through available homes and find a property being sold "as-is", what is your first reaction? For the savvy investor they may see a diamond in the rough. For most, they see a potential problem and look elsewhere. The words "as-is" should not serve as a total deterrent. Although the problems may be severe, they may also be minor or simply cosmetic. Working with a Realtor(r) and a good home inspector are sure tools help you diagnose the value of a home.

As with any home purchase, even new construction, I would strongly suggest having a home inspection completed. While many potential problems with a property can be seen simply by walking through, there are many clues to other issues that lie behind what you can visibly see. A certified home inspector will give a detailed view of the property and arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

There are several financing options to assist with repair issues that are discovered. In certain cases, you can finance the purchase and repairs in one loan leaving available cash in your pocket.  Contact me today to discuss the potential pitfalls and possibilities with a home being sold "as-is". Who knows, you might just find that diamond after all.

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