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Let's be frank ... most agents can work with banks on a short sale or hire someone to do it for them.

However what most agents don't know about short sales is how to get potential sellers to respond, how to find prospects, get a hold of them, and get short sale listing appointments.

Most agents just solicit short sales about helping them sell their home. That works fine once they have decided to sell their home but what do most people facing foreclosure try to do BEFORE they decide to sell?

They try to avoid/stop the foreclosure first, right?

If you take the "stop/avoid foreclosure" approach to soliciting foreclosures rather than just the "I can sell your home" approach you'll get a lot more listings and face little (if any) competition from other agents.

When you join this Thursday's special training session you'll find out how to get more short sale listings by using this very effective "stop/avoid foreclosure" approach.

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Short Sale TeleSeminar

Of course you can chose not to attend this training and keep doing what everyone else is doing.

The problem with that is more and more agents are competing for short sale listings... and they are all using the "I can sell your home" approach. So just change your marketing message and eliminate them as your competition.

Training begins TOMORROW - THURSDAY APRIL 1 AT 5 PM Eastern so
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Short Sale TeleSeminar

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P.S. If you're trying to get short sale seller leads and not having great success then it's time to eliminate the competition. How? By changing your marketing message. Discover how during this Thursday's training session.

P.P.S. Why wrack your brain trying to figure out how to do when you can learn from someone who already figured it out!

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Short Sale TeleSeminar

Disclaimer: Road to Wealth, Inc. is a compensated partner for this Short Sale marketing program.

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