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Real Estate Agent with Williams Trew Real Estate Services, an Ebby Halliday REALTORS company

Buyers need to be reminded that only 30 days are left to get the $8000 Tax Credit for first time buyers. Our buyers have known about this credit for many months and often have just thought, "I'll do that later...when a better home is one the market in the area where I live."  WEll...homes may have come and gone in that area, and now the time is here. 

Often buyers look for the perfect house, only to find out too late that the imperfect home sold a couple of months ago and now, it looks better than what is available now.  This is often the case and the buyer is disappointed for not having acted earlier.  Sometimes, as the agent of a buyer who has "missed home regret", I am sorry that I didn't give them a stonger suggestion to write an offer.  Then I remind myself that I am not a pushy agent, and have built a good reputation on guidance for the buyer to get the home they want and for them to take responsibility for their decisions.

My thoughts today as we approach April 1, tomorrow, is that I will warn and remind my buyers that they are now on a countdown for April 30 with a closing by May 30 to get that credit.  Who knows if it will be extended or renewed later.............That doesn't matter.  The time to buy is always when the home that has the most features that you want is found.  The home won't be perfect, none are.  Buyers are the ones who make the home perfect for themselves.