Square Pond in Shapleigh, Maine Provides Perfect Setting for Lakeside Relaxation

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Imagine an escape from the craziness of Boston, Hartford or NYC to a world where things move a little slower, are more serene and friendlier. Square Pond in Shapleigh, Maine is a popular vacation spot for local residents and summer vacationers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of urban living.

At 877 acres with a maximum depth of 44 feet and a mean depth of 20 feet, Square Pond is a small spring-fed body of water that's easy to get to know. Treasure Island sits on the main part of the lake, while smaller islands are located at the northern end.

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Square Pond is a premier brown trout lake. The extensive rocky shoreline also offers excellent spawning and nursery habitat for smallmouth bass. A fishing tournament is planned from 6 a.m. -3 p.m. on February 28th. The tournament is sponsored by the Sanford Elks MCCP Committee. Check their Web site for more details about rules and registration.

Originally Square Pond and the surrounding land was owned by the Goodall Worsted Mills in Sanford. Today, you'll find a public beach in Shapleigh and a public boat launch on Route 109 going west from Sanford-Springvale.

Located on the border between Shapleigh and Acton, Square Pond feeds into Mousam Lake. The Square Pond Improvement Association (SPIA) was formed by lakefront property owners in 1958 with the mission to protect the lake environment, especially for water quality and wildlife. The water quality is considered above average.

The SPIA is an active group, which meets twice each summer at the Square Pond ATV Club on Route 11 in Shapleigh. They also participate in the annual July 3rd Light up the Lake event.

So . . . after a day of swimming and fishing, why not enjoy a barbecue on your own deck or dock overlooking Square Pond. You can watch the days lengthen from your Adirondack chair nestled under the shade of the majestic white pines. Square Pond is an easily accessible escape from the city and offers the perfect setting for a weeklong getaway or an entire summer of lakeside relaxation.

A few years ago the Square Pond Improvement Association received a 319 Grant to make improvements on erosion and other problems that had impacted the health of the lake. The association was recently recognized by Joe Anderson and the York County Soil and Conservation District in appreciation of their valuable contributions by creating awareness and enhancing water quality.

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