Rice Smile Puts a Smile on Haitian Children's Faces

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Haitian ChildrenOn January, 2010 the country of Haiti was totally devastated by a massive 7.0 earthquake. Prior to the earthquake it was estimated that 80% of the population lived in poverty. It is even worse now. 

Too soon we forget. The Haitian people still struggle.

I am hoping some will help. You are asked for money everyday, I know--but perhaps you can see your way clear to make a small sacrifice--when girl scouts come to the door selling their cookies, it isn't too hard to buy a box, is it?  It's the same thing here-- only we're talking about Rice for children and medical care and more.

Can you make a small sacrifice? Cost of a Starbucks maybe? or A Mac Big Breakfast? If you can, it will be so appreciated and every though you think it's not much-- little bit helps and you will be blessed!

Just write the check and send it on and thank you, if you do.

I'd like to introduce you to Pierre Perpignant, Director of Rice Smile Ministry. He has be serving the needs of Haitian children since 1995. Pierre is a product of 3 Haitian orphanages. He is intimately aware of the needs of children who have very similar backgrounds

As for Rice Smile, unlike large non-profit organizations, it does a world of good without a big budget. Pierre is hands-on and doesn't have a huge staff. Therefore the financial requirements of this ministry are small in comparison to other non-profit organizations who have to pay for large overheads. 

More of your money goes directly to providing for the needs of a small group of children who have a chance at a better life. Right now, it is reported that money is flowing into the country, but it doesn't get to all the places it's needed.                                                                                         

Haiti Temporary Shelters

Pierres's immediate problem is providing rice to the children and reopening the school. All it takes is a little money!

 More Information

Brother Pierre is a minister associated with The Interfaith Baptist Convention. Rice Smile comes under the covering of Interfaith. I can vouch for his ministry. I am also associated with Interfaith as a minister and have been for 15 years. If you are so led, please send a donation to Rice Smile Ministry and send your donation to Interfaith Baptist Convention, 1605 Brroad Street, Lake Charles LA,70601





Site: www.RiceSmileMinistry.Org Also, here's a web page that I put together with more facts.

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John March


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Cheryl & David Skolnick
Keller Williams - Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Amen John, we definitly are all to preoccupied with our own "difficulties" and we forget about our brothers and sisters in Haiti and other countries, let us continue helping as much as we can, thanks John
Apr 01, 2010 04:38 AM