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Well now that the weather has changed and Spring has sprung it's time to master the art of fishing.  Any fisherman will tell you that if you wanna catch fish you got have your bait in the water and right in front of the fishes nose!  I mean when is the last time you ever saw a fish jump out of the water and right into the boat just because you had to have him?  And when is the last time you ever caught a fish with a bare hook and no bait?

In today's Real Estate Market you gotta put that bait right in front of the buyers nose in order to get offers or contracts.  Sure you can sit there and dangle your bait above the water or you can drop it just below the surface but you won't catch many fish that way.  If you're gonna land the big one you best price your home to sell NOT sit on the market.  Do you know what rotten fish smells like?  Do you know what happens to homes that sit above the market...exactly same thing they get old and stink after awhile.

If your gonna sell in this market you had better review your pricing strategy from the beginning and not chase the market down while watching thousands of your dollars get flushed down the drain.  That my friends is the key to successful fishing.

Gregory K. Thomas

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Randy Schulenburg
Schulenburg Realty, Inc. - Pingree Grove, IL
Schulenburg Realty, Inc.

My son just came into my office and asked if I'd take him fishing.  What timing!

Mar 31, 2010 09:23 AM