Social Media Should be the Glue that Holds Your Day Together...and Unifies it into a Success!

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Interesting post about social media. What are your thoughts?

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Social Media GlueI attended a free seminar today, for members (there is a basic free membership), over at the International Social Media Association (Mari Smith is the President of this Association).  As good as this content was that was given away for free, I can't wait to look into some of their other memberships!

This call that I attended today was given by Lisa Larter with Mari Smith called: "Social Media is NOT the Silver Bullet You Think it is" and several of the worthwhile things that I came away with from this call were:

  1. Keep a focused profile on all your social media not mix multiple interests and just confuse your visitors into being unsure of what they should actually pay you to do for them ;-)

  2. The search bar on Facebook allows you to search for a lot more than just people, the advanced feature allows you to search by city, interests, etc... it's still in beta, but check it out:

  3. Standard info that we already know...we should all be active on at least Facebook, Twitter and Linked In...and I am adding Active Rain to that list, because for our industry it is a given!!!

  4. They tell us that setting aside an hour a day for Twitter or FB, whatever, isn't as effective as "checking in" throughout the day, like you would check your voice mail and email messages...timeliness of response counts and carries weight!

  5. They mentioned that a common problem that may people make is to only network "up" - basically only responding to people who they think could do something for them, etc...  you never know who "the little guy" could be related to or associated with or how his life situation might change at some point in time.  Treat everyone how you want to be treated and it will come back to you ten-fold over the years.

And the quote of the day on this call was:  "Grout your day with Twitter!" (credit was given to @MariSmith who bounced the credit off to @nerdist) - basically this just means what I was talking about in #4 - social media should be the glue that holds your day together...and unifies it into a success!



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Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Mike:  Social Media might be some people's "glue"... but not for me.  Perhaps that makes me old school... but face-to-face contact... at least for me... is best.

Mar 31, 2010 11:46 AM
Christine Wade
Christine Wade - Townsend, MT
Operations Strategist / Online Business Manager

Mike - thanks for the reblog!!!  I think it is one of my excited that you found my words worthy :-)

Karen - we had our talk over at my original post and I think you're wonderfull...and for someone who's not into social did you accumulate almost 450,000 points on Active Rain!?! Way to go - that is just fabulous - I am in awe - and I have added you as an associate as well as subscribed to your blog also!

Mar 31, 2010 04:59 PM