Homeowners Help Realtors Sell Your House - #1. Leave the Lights On

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Homeowners Help Realtors Sell Your House - #1. Leave the Lights On

There are many ways which homeowners can help Realtors. 
One way is to leave the lights on inside and outside when appropriate.

When a Realtor is showing your house to a qualified potential buyer
it is because either the Realtor or the buyer have chosen your house
to view from all the other comparable houses for sale on the Multiple
Listing Service.

The Realtor does not know your house, but wants to show it to its
best potential. Motivated buyers view houses at all hours of the day
and evening, during nice weather, as well as during inclement weather.

You can help by leaving your exterior lights on especially during the
evening hours so the Realtor can easily get the lockbox open.  The buyer
will get a good look at the front of the house and curb appeal upon arrival.  
Leaving the backyard lights on will catch the attention of the buyers and
make sure they look in your backyard and easily see its features.  Installing
timers or motion detectors on exterior lights and timers on a few interior
lights would be an alternative.

As I mentioned the Realtor does not know your house, most light switches
are easy to find, but some are not.  A well lit room is always more inviting.
If you have special lighting, for example pot lights that are a selling feature,
we want to make sure the buyer sees them.  We especially want the buyers
to be aware of all your upgrades and selling features.

Leaving the lights on inside and outside when appropriate benefits
everyone in the end.

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Keller Williams Real Estate Associates, Brokerage
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