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So here it is Good Friday, and I am tempted to pray pretty hard for my Houston Astros.  Not that my Short Sale clients don't need a little help from on high, but surely my favorite lackluster team could stop thinking about their pensions and their timeoff with family and try to win a ballgame occasionally.   Which brings me back to Short Sales and my poor clients.  So many of us come from the ranks of used car salesmen and bartenders. We just might be of some help to our homeowners just because we have probably faced economic hardships before in those professions.  After all, sitting in a car dealership till 9pm (which I have often done),  is a very lonesone feeling waiting for the boss to grant the privilege of shutting down 100 cars and going home.  Pity the poor bartenders, when drinkers head home early.  At least with cars, you can smell the new smell as you lock up for the night.

Of course with being a Short Sale specialist, you have to sometimes think the big heavy thoughts.  People who are sometimes under duress in their properties seek help from the likes of Thoreau, Gandhi, or even Jesus.

Thoreau in Walden does a pretty good job of explaining what it must feel like to be alone in the woods with nobody around and no help on the horizon for months on end.  That is probably why so many with cancer,  heart disease (I'm eleven years out from triple bypass), terminal illness or other such calamity find some encouragement and hope by reading about people who had no success in  houses, health, or vocation. A good house was not at the very top of their life list.   It is a tad strange to me I am involved with so many people that I have spent so much time in the past emphasizing the importance of a nice home and now I am involved in the process of helping to get them out, and sending them elsewhere.  I keep saying to myself, go slowly and carefully...that could be you.  I had a friend not too long ago that lost his wife to divorce and his home to foreclosure.  He went to the woods and stayed in a tent for quite some time.  And he lived through it and he got better.  He took his showers at KOA.

 So I am rereading Walden for the third time to get in touch with somebody who made simplicity a priority.  And I am also trying pretty hard to take a more user friendly approach to my Astros, who seem to have all read Thoreau's writings during the off season. 

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I lived in an RV for 22 months traveling the country.  No home or job or bills to worry about.  Just our family traveling and living on 4-wheels.  There is something to be said about the simple life.

Apr 02, 2010 04:35 AM
RC Cutcher
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I'm afraid the simple life is going to go by the wayside and the new strategy will be to analyze with laywers, realtors, and loan comanies, the best way to take advantage of government programs.

Apr 05, 2010 03:21 AM