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Today I wrote this brief article for our Good American Post Blog because of the very troubling duality of people, when ALL of us should be concerned with our families, communities, and countries, because WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.  And we are in this together, in my humble opinion.

What does this have to do with real-estate?  Well, when it comes to customers and fellow agents, I think it is important to be willing and able to work with folks who both love land and love liberty, because that is an inherent component of property transactions of all types, particularly farm and ranch-land.

statue of liberty

Is it possible to both believe in preserving the environment and believe in liberty?

Is it possible to not believe in climate change but to believe that we should not pollute our air as much?

Is it possible to not believe in regulating carbon emissions but like the idea of electric cars?

Is it possible to both want to recycle and believe that the free-market will be the best vehicle to embrace the recycling industry?

Is it possible to eat organic and be a conservative-thinker?

Is it possible to be a “tree-hugger” and want to protect our second-amendment rights?

Is it possible to be a border-line vegetarian but love to hunt?

At The Good American Post, we sure think so.  Our publication embraces independent thinkers who LOVE LIBERTY and LOVE OUR FREE MARKET.  Those are the two things we stand by – our constitution and our economy – the rest is up to us, the American people to continually build and protect.

You will not hear us condemning any group of people for their beliefs or their political ideologies.  You WILL hear us promoting and protecting our constitution and our free-market.

And yes, we believe that you can love sustainability and be a capitalist at the same time.