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Well, since my last post on online value-added serivces went soooooo well (sarcasm intended for humor purposes only)...

Seriously, I want to start a conversation about how real-estate pros from all walks of life are using value-added services for lead generation, customer service/satisfaction, service after the sale, etc.

In my previous blog entry (linked above), I listed two ways to do this online. Below, I've got two suggestions to do this offline.

  1. A book of vendors. Call it a "recommended" list, a "suggested" list, whatever. A lot of times when people need all kinds of things done (plumber, electrician, dog sitter - you name it), they have no idea where to turn. They don't want to hire just from the Yellow Pages; they want someone who is recommended to them. This is where your book comes in. Plus, it keeps you and your name right in front of your prospect, client or former (hopefully satisfied) client.
  2. A newsletter. Not just a newsletter that talks about your recent home sales, your dog, your recent trip to the Grand Canyon, etc. You need to focus on what your readers want; what's important to them. Whether its tax tips in January, gardening tips in April, turkey-cooking tips in October, etc., do something they'll really remember. Don't want to do it yourself? There's lots of companies out there that'll do it for you.

What others do you use? I'd love to hear about them.

By the way, you can find my post on online value-added services at the "Adding Value to Your Services" group.


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Bob Woods, LLC - Silver Spring, MD
Oops, I just found out that in some groups, cross-linking to previous posts (or linking to anything in a post) is a no-no. I changed my post to take out the link, yet refer to my first post and where it is located. I hope this is okay. Thanks.
Jul 27, 2007 08:16 AM