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I just ran across this post. Pray for Denise and her husband and son. I am sure it is hard to understand why all of this happened as it did, But God is in control. If you can send whatever you can to help this family with medical expenses: medical account at the Community Bank of the South in Rockledge Florida. The phone number to the bank is 321-638-8939 and the address of the bank is 1902 Fiske Blvd. Rockledge Florida 32955

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Please reblog this post so that we can help get the word out about Denise Shockey's family's tragedies. 

Denise Shockey is very near and dear to my heart. She is one of the agents that I have had the privilage to coach. We even have split short sale deals together. Denise is such a hard and smart worker. She works for Re/Max in Cocoa Beach Florida. 

She had her whole team up and running. Denise is a go getter and was really going to the top. Right as everything was put into place and her team was in the growth stages- tragedy hit her and her family and hit her hard. They say that bad stuff happens in threes, well, Denise has had more than her share this last few weeks. 

Denise's husband and son are near dying.

She needs our help. Denise is very brave and independent and up until now has not wanted me to reach out to Active Rain for help. But the time has come and she is now asking that I speak in her behalf. 

John Shockey was the Police Chief in their home town of Rockledge Florida. He served for many years as a very respected Police Chief. He started to feel a lot of stress back in October of 2009. He felt it best if he retired at that time to relieve some of the stress. He was helping Denise in her business and was planning on partnering with her as an agent. It was all mapped out. But then he ended up in the hospital. 

The doctors determined that he had a heart attack back when he was still a Police Chief and that is what that stress feeling was all about. This kind of heart attack is called, "the Widow Maker". He is not in operating condition right now, it is that bad. His LAD artery is has 100% blockage. He is at risk of sudden death at any time. The doctors have placed him on a transplant list at Shands Medical Center in Florida. His heart only works at 20% capacity and he can die at any moment. 

John was approved for social security benefits but those funds will not start coming in for another five months. In the meantime Denise is trying to hold it all together. There is no way she can do this on her own. 

A couple of the agents in her office are helping her with her short sale listings and files. There is no way she can concentrate on new business right now. It is just so heart wrenching to watch someone close to you go through this and feel so helpless. She has hope, she has faith in God, she takes time to pray. 

Then as I said, tragedy does not strike once- her son was in a very bad accident and he is only 18 years old. When she arrived at the hospital her son was in a coma and was on life support. What more could be asked of Denise to bear. Dylan is her son's name. Dylan was able to have brain surgery but he is going to have a very long recovery time. Right now, Dylan has severe brain damage and is behaving at an emotional level of a five year old. 

Now we all know that when you work in real estate if you are not closing deals you are not making money so needless to say, they are going to lose their home also. They are trying to sell it as a short sale. There is just no way that Denise can keep up the payments plus take care of two men in her life who need her full time help. I am crying as I write this request for us to please start a prayer chain for Denise and her family. Please reblog this and ask everyone you know to please pray for Denise, John and Dylan. Please flag this post to get featured so we can get as many eyes as we can on this post to help Denise. 

Some of her friends in Cocoa Beach have set up a medical account at the Community Bank of the South in Rockledge Florida. The phone number to the bank is 321-638-8939 and the address of the bank is 1902 Fiske Blvd. Rockledge Florida 32955

If you could find it in your heart to please send a small payment to help Denise and her family we would so appreciate it. If you could go without one meal once a week for one month and send the equavilent to the medical account- you would be really helping a family that really needs our help and does do everything in their own control to take care of themselves. 

This is not a scam. If you want to double check you can see that Denise Shockey is a member of Active Rain here. You can also call her broker to make sure this story is true. His name is Ralph Cochran at Re/Max Absolute at 321-255-1423 You can also check up on her at the Space Coast Association of Realtors at 321-452-9490 and ask for Brenda Warner. 





Hi Katerina,
I shared a printed copy of your post to John and Denise.  They are overwhelmed with gratitude.  They did want to mention that Dylan is not at risk of death anymore, but he does have brain damage with the emotions of a five year old. His recovery will be long term, and .  John is still at risk of sudden death.  For some reason his doctor what to try a different procedure on Tuesday before implanting an internal pacemaker.  The external pacemaker was $3,250.00  a month, and their insurance covered $2,000.0 a year, so he is going without it and they are trusting God. In my opinion, they are much better off with God than a machine.
Thanks again,

There were some people on Facebook that asked us if there was a way we could set up a paypal account for Denise and her family. Here is the email containing the information for anyone wanting to donate through paypal. Some people will want to send donations directly to their medical account at their bank listed in the post and others will find it easier to send donations through paypal.

Hi Katerina,
With Denise's permission, I have created a PayPal account strictly for this.  The account name is shockeyfamilyhelpfund(at sign)gmail.com, they can send money directly to the fund set up by friends at the Community Bank of the South.  The PayPal account obviously is not verified until I get the two small deposits from PayPal over the next couple of days.
Thank you for all your help, I just tested it myself and money can still be received, the account is just not verified yet. 
Denise wanted everyone to know that any money donated that they don't need, they will be giving to charity.
Thanks, Mari.





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Denise Shockey
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Thank you John very much, I really appreciate it very much!

Hi Everyone,  First, I want to thank you Katerina, so much for your help.  I told Mari that you would jump on it, and you did.  I also what to thank everyone for your prayers, thoughts and everything else.

My day is pretty much driving my husband John or my son Dylan to doctor or therapy appointments.  John just got out of the hospital again, where they tried surgery to unblocked his totally blocked LAD artery.  It was not successful, and he is bummed that all that is left is an implanted IED device and to stay on the transplant list.  Dylan is home, and has a long recovery, much therapy for the brain injury. I am going to try and start working some next week, hopefully.

I am so thankful to God, my family, and all my friends for your love and support.  Mere words cannot express what I feel for you.  

Apr 09, 2010 07:29 AM