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Hello Bankers! Please service your investments & don't endanger others.

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It never ceases to amaze me.  I close with my client's & in the process they promise to maintain the property.  That's all good.  Then the bank forecloses & the first thing they do is leave it without power & in may cases unsecured.

I'm in Florida & mold is a big issue since our conditions are ripe.  Many times I have shown homes-with no warning of mold problems-only to become sick for a week from inhaling it.  I know now I can tell in about 3 breaths if it's there.  Maybe I should hire my nose out as a mold detector - sorry- have to at least be able to do a half smile in this sad situation.

I also have worked with clients with severe allergy & asthma issues & wouldn't be surprised if the bank owner got notified of a lawsuit.  Not to mention the dangers of a black pool in a family neighborhood, that in many cases is not secured.


I see that locally many cities are pushing for code compliance & that is a good thing, yet it still amazes me that the "investor" would not see to those issues immediately.


Maybe when it shows up next door to a bank president or 2, 3, or more (I pray)  Seems it's true that some don't see past their "perfect" surroundings - until it affects them directly.