My Neighborhood in Saratoga Springs NY

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My Neighboorhood in Saratoga Springs, NY


Are you looking for the right neighborhood in Saratoga Springs, NY?  Saratoga Springs NY is made up of three distinctive communities but which one is right.  This include the East Side, West Side, and Saratoga Lake.

The East Side Neighborhood

The East Side is primarily residential homes located east of Downtown Saratoga Springs.  The East Side is divided over 114 acres almost reaching the Saratoga Race Track.  During the 19th and 20th century, the East Side became known as where the well-to-do's built their homes. 


Character and Charm of the East Side:

Many of the homes in the East Side Neighborhood are an array of 19th century - 20th century styles.  The styles are anywhere from Gothic Revival to Bungalow



West Side Neighborhood in Saratoga Springs

The West Side Neighborhood:

 The West Side is the opposite of the East side.  It consists of residential homes located on the west side of Downtown. The West side is divided over 122 acres.  The West side extends from Church Street and Washington and covers the entire Franklin Square Historic District. 

The West Side was known for homes for the working class.  It was developed by the construction of the railroad company.  In 1994 the West Side was recognized as the Historic District.  It was listed on National Register of Historic Districts. 

Character and Charm of the West Side

The East Side neighborhood is characterized by its intact 19th century homes.  Most of which are of wood frame. 


Boat docks on a beautiful Day on Saratoga Lake, Saratoga NY


Saratoga Lake

The Saratoga Lake is a mix of old and new.  It is the perfect setting on Saratoga Lake with gorgeous views all year round. 

Character and Charm of Saratoga Lake

Saratoga Lake consists of rustic old cottages and camps.  To new construction homes and townhomes. 

It is just steps away from the beach and moments from downtown.  Enjoy the luxury of being away from the city.




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