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Our revamped website is now up and running; we'll be adding lots of content to it on a continual basis including non-mortgage and real estate things.  As always, we try to provide lots of value-added content for Realtors and prospective clients.  There will also be an opportunity for Realtors to upload their listings to the site to be viewed by the clients who visit for information or to complete an application.


The Realtor Resource Center has lots of links to sites that Realtors use on a regular basis - check it out.

The Client Resource Center contains links and other things such as an income statement, budget and free report so that clients can get a better understanding of the mortgage process and their financial picture.

The Home Ownership Accelerator is a five minute video that explains about a great loan program that will help buyers pay off their home much faster than a conventional loan.  Don't let the talk at the beginning regarding refinances fool you; this can be used to purchase a home (the video is a couple of years old).

There's lots of other great stuff on the site and much more to come.  I would love to get your feedback so feel free to comment on the site.  Enjoy it and get as much benefit out of it as possible for you and your clients - whether we do the mortgage or not.

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