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Are you looking to sell or buy real estate in Newport and Stanton Delaware area?
This is a gorgeous home and great opportunity for the lucky new owner who has already bought it!
Active and savvy agents Dave and Diane Iliff of Patterson Schwartz Real Estate got this home sold! Real estate in Newport and Stanton Delaware area is up and coming and lots of buyers are out as the result of the tax incentives that are still available for just a little while longer! The interest rates are also at all time lows - lower than they have been in at least 30 years. This could all slow down soon as the tax incentives will expire and rates could start creeping up! If you're thinking of selling call Dave and Diane Iliff, the seasoned experts who know what to do and when to do it. If you are buying and/or selling Dave and Diane can help. There is even a $6500 tax incentive if you are a repeat buyer and you don't necessarily need to sell your house to take advantage of it! First time buyers will enjoy an $8,000 tax benefit.

Here's a couple pictures of the affordable home which is an example of real estate in Newport and Stanton, Delaware.

       Henlopen Ave   Living Room
If you want to peruse the MLS and look for homes click on the magnifying glass below and don't worry, you won't have to register, but call Dave and Diane Iliff the expert team at Patterson Schwartz Real Estate if you need professional and courteous service for real estate in Townsend, Delaware!

       Dining Room                  Sold

                             Call Dave & Diane for real estate in Newport and Stanton, Delaware!

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