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I have a huge gripe with Bank of America!!!  My sellers who owe almost $40000.00 more than the home is worth have tried to get an approval from this lender ~ the lender has had them on hold for 6 months... finally today we receive the approval for short sale and with it a letter that the property is going to forecloser in 2 days.... WHAT????   This whole time they were told everything was on hold so we could do a short sale no problem!!!!  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a huge waste of time!!!!!  

Thanks for reading my gripe of the day!!! :)

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Jeffrey Smith
Author of 'Realtors Guide To Short Sale Success - Eustis, FL
Short Sale Education

You can get the foreclosure canceled or postponed and Bof A does it regularly. Don't give up... especially if you have the approval letter. Good Luck! Call the shortsale dept and keep going up the ladder till they at least lie to you and tell you it will be postponed. then get the name of who told you and their supervisors name. Document what time you talked with them and keep telling them you just got the written approval letter.

Apr 07, 2010 11:38 PM