Pollen Blankets Augusta GA just in time For the Masters Golf Tournament

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this photo taken Monday April 5, 2010 in Augusta GA.  Check out the YELLOW cloud behind the billboard!POLLEN Invasion

Just In time for the Masters Golf Tournament!         The Yellow Cloud of Pollen Blankets the City!

We face this invasion every year!  Literally buckets of pollen on every car, on every doorstep, in every nook and cranny in every house, on every roof, and even on the Golf course!                                           

There is NO escaping it unless.....      You literally head for the hills!    (which my family did this week!)

This year it has been worse than any recent years.  Maybe it is the torrential rain we received all winter on into March.  Maybe it is made worse by the fact that we havent had any rain in a couple of weeks now.

It really doesnt matter whether you have allergies or not, anyone exposed to such copious amounts of dust in the air will be affected by it!  It litterally grits between your teeth and dries your skin .

Even with the world famous Golf Tournament, The Masters, this week, Every visitor will Eat Pollen!               Maybe the Green Jacket is really blue!   It just looks green because it is covered with a yellow film!    (LOL)       I wonder if Tiger Woods is sneezing? hmmm....

Yellow is the official color of Augusta GA  and all it surrounding communities like Martinez, Evans and Grovetown THIS WEEK!!

No HIDING from IT.....   Your footprints will stay embedded in the yellow dust!

Yellow Foot Print in Augusta GA

More ..... Later this week!

Maria Vaill

RE/MAX True Advantage

Martinez & Augusta GA

Mary Strang
Viroqua, WI

Yikes, you title made me wonder what a pollen blanket was? I was expecting maybe something sold to the tourist to sit on at the Masters, LOL being a golf fan I had to read on.  That is very weird has it always been like that?

Apr 07, 2010 11:51 AM
Maria Vaill
ERA Sunrise Realty - Martinez, GA
Martinez GA, Evans GA, Grovetown GA, Fort Gordon G


We get this every year.   The difference this year is that the Masters tournament is a bit earlier than usual this year AND we havent had any rain in a couple of weeks.   The rain normally clears the air and washes down the pollen.

It is supposed to rain a bit today.  Trust me, this is on rain EVERYONE is hoping happens!

I am taking new photos today .  I grew up here and have never seen it this bad!

Maria Vaill

Apr 08, 2010 01:36 AM