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Home Staging: Finding Balance and Harmony With Color

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I recently did a consultation with a couple that plans to put their house on the market. They purchased an older home and had remodeled the entire inside. They did a beautiful job with the interior, however the colors were very monochromatic. The wood floors were dark brown, the walls were a nice warm mocha, the floor tiles and kitchen tiles were cream colored and the countertops were a creamy golden color mixed with brown. All this was accented with a soft white. Although this was a very beautiful interior, this house was not selling. Both the lack of furniture and the lack of color balance was causing the home to be passed by. Buyers were not falling in love with what could be a lovely home. 

Besides adding furniture, I recommended infusing this interior with cool colors to balance all the warm that was already there. The need for furniture was obvious, however they were not sure how to infuse color. They missed a perfet opportunity to do so when they put in a shower curtain that was tan and white; again they were sticking with the monocromatic warm color scheme.

The easiest way to bring in color is with fabrics and art. Taking our cue from nature, we can find color balance in a tree with green leaves (cool) and a brown trunk (warm). Blue-green water (cool) laps against a tan colored beach (warm). A beautiful blue sky (cool) sits behind rocky brown mountains (warm). A blazing orange sunset (warm) rests against a dusky blue sky (cool).

There is a lot to consider when one is trying to find balance and harmony in a home. Color is just one of many tools and probably one of the most exciting. It is great to have an "ahaaaaa" moment when one adds just the right balance of color and suddenly everything "sings" in harmony.


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Great suggestions Kathy, and they all work.

Apr 07, 2010 11:14 AM