Tracking emerging neighborhoods in Miami

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Tracking Emerging Neighborhoods: S.W. 3rd Avenue Corridor

Map: The S.W. 3rd Avenue Corridor is shown in dark blue. The Roads is shown in red surrounding the Corridor, Brickell Village is shown in light blue, and the Simpson Park Triangle in green.

The S.W. 3rd Avenue Corridor is south west of Brickell Village and surrounded by the residential neighborhood known commonly as "The Roads". The tree-lined Corridor begins at the junction where Coral Way turns from S.W. 22nd street into S.W. 3rd Avenue and ends at the I-95 overpass. Low density residential surrounds the Corridor on all sides. The area, although narrow and not very long, has some interesting newly built and planned mid-rise developments. Set amid a diverse mix of palatable international restaurants, the S.W. 3rd Avenue Corridor is an exciting prospect.

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Project List: Coral Gables, Coral Way Corridor, and Kendall

Coral Gables:
Burger King HQ 200ft Office-Proposed
1300 Ponce 12 floors 136ft Office-Approved
Puerta de Palmas 17 floors Residential-Construction
100 Alhambra 15 floors Office-Proposed
X Aragon 15 floors Residential-Completed 2004
Ponce Tower 15 floors Residential-Approved
Ponce De Leon 14 floors Residential-Construction
Milano Tower 13 floors Residential-Completed 2004
2525 Ponce 12 floors Office-Completed 2004
La Palma 12 floors Hotel-Proposed
Village Place 10 floors Residential-Approved
55 Merrick Way, 2 mid size towers in Coral Gables, Douglas rd. and Miracle mile

Coral Way Corridor:
The Mile 22 floors 240ft Residential-Proposed
Blue at Coral Way 20 floors Residential-Approved
Gables Marquis 20 floors 200ft Residential-Approved
Roads at 18 19 floors 194ft Residential-Approved
Residences at Douglas 19 floors 192ft Residential -Proposed
Coral Sea View 15 floors 185ft Residential-Completed 2005
Luxor 16 floors 177ft Residential-Approved
Urbanea 14 floors 150ft Residential-Approved
Coral Way MU 13 floors 147ft Residential-Proposed
Byblos 12 floors 128ft Residential-Proposed
Miracle Center 7 floors 123ft Retail/Residential-Approved
Emerald Plaza 10 floors 103ft Residential-Approved
Nordica 17 floors Residential-Approved
Gables View 14 floors Residential-Completed 2005

Urban Kendall :
Metropolis I 25 floors Residential-Construction
Metropolis II 25 floors Residential-Construction
Fairfeild 25 floors Residential-Construction
Dadeland Park 25 floors Residential-Construction
Dadeland Towers 15 floors Residential-Construction
Colonnade 1 10 floors Residential-Approved
Colonnade 2 10 floors Residential-Approved
Colonnade 3 10 floors Residential-Approved
Colonnade 4 10 floors Residential-Approved

Source  BoB:Miami 

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Charles Blumenkehl
Blue Asset Management - Wayne, NJ
Last I was in Miami, they had 76000 new, about to be built and on the books applying to be built condos up the 95 hwy, while in all of the 1990's they sold about 7500. Is there a bit of a glut going on?
Jul 28, 2007 02:52 PM

 I guess so!

Thanks for your comments.

Regards Miguel

Jul 28, 2007 03:00 PM