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Addison Twp. Hunting for Path Grants

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The ability to take a walk or bike ride through Addison Township could soon become a whole lot safer as the Board of Trustees is looking to secure grant money for non-motorized pathways (NMPs). According to township Trustees, the idea would be constructing NMPs in order to connect the township.

"Addison, in their parks and recreations master plan, have outlined a network that would run along Lakeville and Rochester roads, and venture more to the west, creating a loop." The point would be to connect some of the key areas of Addison Township, Leonard, Lakeville and Watershed Park.

One of the reasons for the NMPs in Addison was that they provide a lot of value and a safe alternative to motorized transportation. "If you look at sustainability of any community, it"s an important aspect. It provides recreation and exercise and doesn"t make you so reliant on nonrenewable resources to get around. You can pull the community together and network key locations by providing that opportunity for people to go somewhere without having to get into a car."

Another key factor for having paths is pedestrian safety. It would also provide children a safe route to get to school.

There is currently no set cost for how much is needed to build the pathways. Even with all of the grant money available for these types of projects, the board was looking at innovative ways at this point to install the NMPs at minimal cost to the township.

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Ann Peterson


Great article.  Good to see they are still trying to preserve our land and give our children and families a better life.

Apr 08, 2010 10:48 AM