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It feels like Spring... Longer Days... Warm Breezes... Rain Showers... Green Grass... Everything is heading toward beautiful outside but what about inside?
Now is a great time to get going on that deep cleaning. Clear the clutter, scrub the walls, clean the carpets, wash the windows and HAVE FUN!
The first order of business is clear the clutter! To quote William Morris "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" Yeah, right. That's great to aspire to but in the real world let's concern ourselves with clearing the counter and tabletops. Lose all the leftover Christmas decorations and any unsightly items that seem out of place. When it comes to addressing your walls, take a good critical look. Cobwebs and scuff marks aside, do the walls seem dingy? A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive way to breathe new life into your space. Changing from stark white to a soft neutral background will make the room more inviting. (Save leftover paint in a tightly sealed glass jar for future touch-ups) While cleaning your carpets your furniture is pulled out anyway so this is a great opportunity to rearrange it! Try to think outside the box. Place your largest piece at an angle and reload the rest of your furnishing in relation to it. It is amazing how a minor shift in placement can make a huge impact on your room. Contrary to popular belief, your upholstered pieces do NOT have to be placed against a wall. Windows...No matter how clean the room, a grimy window will draw attention and make the entire space feel dirty. Try using a squeegee for quick cleaning. These little inventions work great and leave no streaks! Now comes the fun. Shop your entire house for home accessories. Mix things up. Maybe the silk plant you have on the coffee table would look great in the dining room. Those candlesticks in the closet might make a perfect centerpiece alongside some stacked books. Consider moving a lamp from the master bedroom to the living room. Try to keep like items together for a designer look. Glass with glass, metal with metal, and similar color in groupings look best. Try some change. It won't take long and does not cost a thing!
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Author Julie Rieman
Instructor ~The All About Redesign Center

Previously published in The Neighborhood News

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