How to Dress a Bookcase

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What to do with that unsightly bookcase. How to make the most of a often overlooked but very important focal point.
When dressing a bookcase it is all about line, balance and scale! Typically a bookcase is the focal point in many rooms and should be given proper attention. Consider weeding out any books that are worn and tattered.. In fact, remove all paperbacks and store where they will not be seen. (These are not decorative items and should not be showcased.) Save only the best looking and most referenced books.
Positioning large items toward the top of the bookcase will give the appearance of being top-heavy and make the piece look unstable. Huge mistake! Position largest books and decorative accessories on the lower shelves. This not only places the "visual" weight where it belongs but helps anchor the piece. Start loading the bookcase from the bottom and work your way up. Adding smaller books and/or items as you go.
Look for decorative accessories to place in between groupings of books. Accessories should always be placed in groups of one, three or five with the taller items behind. Adding a plant is a nice touch and instantly softens the harsh lines of a typical bookcase. If you do not have a green thumb, purchase a fake plant. There are many beautiful and realistic silk greens available today.
Step back and view your progress as you go. One shelf may hold only books while another showcases family photos. Be creative and view your bookcase as another opportunity to showcase your favorite pieces.
Hope you find this informative and useful!

Author Julie Rieman
Instructor ~The All About Redesign Center

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Ashley Drake Gephart
Drake Intel Group - Albuquerque, NM
Julie good advice. Most bookcases are a cluttered mess and they don't show well.
Jul 31, 2007 02:47 PM