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I LOVE Rocky Mount! And so will you!

I moved to Rocky Mount, NC when my dad was transferred to Pinetops, NC with Westinghouse in 1979 (I was 10 years old)! My mother's first words when we entered the City limits were "welcome to the first day of the rest of your life" Being 10 I was old enough to understand this phrase but too young to understand just how important those words are to everybody! What if she said "well we are here, it is not home but..." She said those words not knowing that some 31 years later her and my father would be in heaven and I would be helping people make Rocky Mount (area) home. I LOVE Rocky Mount!

My first day here the neighborhood kids (about 15 strong) asked me to play kickball, our moving truck still had our furniture stacked up. I am still friends with many of those "kids" today. A few years later I would cut grass, rake yards, and deliver the newspaper in my neighborhood. I learned how great Rocky Mount was and how great the people in Rocky Mount were. I worked in many service related jobs over the years and every job I truly loved...because of the people. I learned that the people make the difference.

Rocky Mount recently felt the need to start a "Ask me why I Love Rocky Mount" campaign! Go to to learn more about this. Did we forget why we loved Rocky Mount? Did we forget it is the people? Did we forget to tell ourselves "today is the first day of the rest of our lives?" I am not sure, but I Love Rocky Mount. I think the campaign is great and it makes people answer the question "why do you love Rocky Mount" I think the campaign also made us realize just how much we do love Rocky Mount.

Love is not instant, but if you search for love with the an open heart, a "welcome" heart, you will make your first day in Rocky Mount YOUR first day of the rest of your life too.

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Barbara Altieri
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Bill -- It is a great place. I have been there several times. It's more or less the halfway point between our home in CT and a frequent vacation destination -- Daytona Beach.  Stayed over there many times.

Apr 09, 2010 02:21 PM