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In And About Lake Arrowhead With Bob Carroll 

The Stack 

Last week a group of us went to the Gas Lamp district in San Diego, what a blast.  You find your self in the world of beautiful people.  One of the reasons for being there, in addition to doing a Pub Crawl, was to see the Wine Angle. 

The Wine Angle is located in the Osetra Watergrill restaurant, San Diego and several members of our group had heard about them.  The Wine Angles duties are to get wines that their customers order.  Not such a big deal, right?  Well the wines are in bins shaped like columns that run floor to ceiling, approximately 20 feet.  There is a pulley, cable arrangement that the wine Angle straps herself to and then using remote control glides up and around to the proper bin to retrieve a bottle of wine, different.  What does this have to do with Lake Arrowhead? Similarity.  At the marine on Lake Arrowhead there is the Stack and a Boat Angle.  

The Stack is located at Hardin Marine Arrowhead on the East end of the lake at the marina.  Housed in a very large building, 85 feet high, and a part over the lake, boats are stored in the Stack.  When a customer wants to use their boat they call and the Boat Angle goes to work.  Of course the first boat is stored 12 feet above the floor, and the fourth one at the ceiling level.  So the Boat Angles tools are not cables and pulleys but, a large crane with fork lift type forks suspended from the ceiling that has the ability to move, not only up and down but side ways to the correct position to remove or insert one of the 235 stacked boats.  As I mentioned the stack is like a giant forklift with forks that can be positioned to lift up a boat, bring it out of the storage location and take it to a point over the water.  When positioned correctly, the boat is lower into the water, approximately eight feet below the floor of the building.  You have to admit that is some machine. 

 The stack houses 235 boats and is a great convince for boat owners using the facilities.  Visualize yourself coming up to beautiful Lake Arrowhead for a weekend of sun, boating, water skiing and just all around relaxation.  You arrive, call Hardin Marine Arrowhead and request your boat for Saturday morning at 9:00 am.  Arriving at the marina you park your car, grab your goodies and walk down to the visitors docks, and their floats your boat ready to go.  And, after a weekend of fun and sun you return the boat to the marina and leave it at the visitors dock knowing that your boat will be ready for you the next time you want to have fun on Lake Arrowhead.  The Stack is one of the many reasons to have or rent property in Lake Arrowhead.  Why?  Because there truly is a Boat Angle!

 By the way, when the lake is full the surface elevation is 5107 feet and as of this writing the lake level is 5106.9 feet.  

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