WOW - things are kinda making a bit more sense to me! Blame it on MAGNETAR!!

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We are 1,200 miles from the US border...and Mexico has been trying to recouperate from the decline in the housing in the USA! See, most of our buyers on the border and coasts are foreigners - the #1 buyer being from the USA.

Because most of the buyers here pay CASH based on refinancing their homes up there - or selling their homes up there...and now - they can't refinance as before, housing prices have declined, people are underwater in many markets...well, they sure as heck aren't thinking about their vacation home in Mexico or their retirement (as many aren't even thinking RETIREMENT!!)

So, because our financial markets are so tightly woven whether we like it not - I am always trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED up there so that 1) I can explain it others 2) hopefully make sure that it never happens again 3) be prepared if it does!!

So, I just listened  on my XM radio, which reception I receive just perfectly way down here, a program on NPR (STATION 133 XM RADIO) called The American Life.  EXCELLENT PROGRAM!!

It was how a company called MAGNETAR reallllly helped to make the financial world collapse in the USA.  Magnetar ( I had never heard of them!!! Sounds like an evil entity from another planet in a sci-fi movie!!)  Bottom line is that the " smart " people at Magnetar " figured out how DYSFUNCTIONAL the financial system on Wall Street was and EXPLOITED that system" to the tune of 40 billion dollars.  They capitalized on that weakness, extended the mania and exacerbated the problem.

It is SOOOO well presented - that even someone like me, who has a problem balancing a check book - can understand.


And please - PASS IT is one of those programs that you want people to listen to!! Especially those of us in Real Estate!!

Tienen que escuchar y leer sobre este reportaje sobre una de las razones principales del porque se cayo el sistema de financiamiento de Wall Street y como nos afecto en bienes raices. Esta EXCELENTE -

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Charlotte Bohner
Century21 Arizona West - Wickenburg, AZ

Hi Mercy,

I wonder how History will reveal the  few individuals  who profited at the expense of the world?
It is  clear that ethical behavior  and legal requirements are very far apart.   Our  buyers who have saved all their lives  in a  retirement plan  aka 401K    and now are faced with a  "201K"  as my clients described it and   are still in Shock!       Our  Sellers here in Rocky Point  continue to chase the market down.    Wonderful properties are on the market at  bargain prices,   presenting great opportunites for buyers.

Happy sales

Apr 25, 2010 07:10 AM
John Puplava
ABC Home Inspections,L.L.C. - Prescott, AZ
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Sep 13, 2010 05:24 PM