Having trouble picking a color? Me too! Try this.

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Cool Tools : Color This! Shows How Paints And Colors Will Make A Room Look Good

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Color swatches  for paintVisualizing a home in different colors can take a good eye and strong imagination — especially when you’re house-hunting and the home’s effects are of someone else.

Yet, we wonder:

  • What would the bedroom look like in blue?
  • How would the kitchen look in yellow?
  • What if the foyer wall was accented in red?

At the Better Homes and Gardens website, you can answer those questions and see the results for yourself.  Using the Color This! tool, website visitors can mix-and-match swatch colors, then apply them to a room’s walls, floors, trim, cabinets and accessories.

Don’t just get a mental picture of a room — get an actual picture.

The Better Homes and Gardens site requires a basic, non-intrusive site registration to use the Color This! product suite.  It’s also available for home exteriors and window treatments, too.

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