What When Where And How Much A Guide To Buying Lake Greenwood Real Estate

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What When Where And How Much A Guide To Buying Lake Greenwood Real Estate 


The What is whether to buy a lake house, lake condo, or lake lot.

The When is when do you plan to use the property

The Where is where on the lake you want to be.

The How Much  depends on how you plan to use the lake property and what your budget allows


414  Hill Dr First we'll deal with the What. There are many things to consider when you are looking for a lake property. What you buy depends on what your requirements and your lifestyle. Many people want space between them and their neighbors or love to work in a yard for these folks a condo just wouldn't do. Maybe it's just the opposite they may want the camaraderie of other people and don't want to spend their time on lawn care or depend on someone else to take care of it, they just want to come relax and enjoy the water a home, a condo may be just perfect. There are those who will live in the home full time and they will require more than a weekend cabin for year round comfort and then there are those who just want a simple home away from home and it doesn't have to have the amenities they would require if this was their only residence. They are fine with roughing it for a few days. Anothe roption is to buy a lake lot and build a home, put a manufactured home on the lot or maybe an RV. As you can see there is a decision to make before you even begin the search for your lake property. This will lay the foundation for your search.

When is the next priority, you will want to decide when you will be ready to buy if it is right away or you are just shopping you will want to find a real estate agent to work with. You only need one so pick someone who you feel a connection with and stick to that agent. The agent will get to know you, your likes and dislikes and will with communication be able to hone in on the properties best suited for your needs. If you are just beginning and don't have an immediate plan to buy you have time to shop around, set up automated listing notifications through the agent you feel comfortable with,let them know what stage you are in, your timeline and get a feel for what you csn buy for the money you can spend.

Where Lake Greenwood is a big lake with many personalities depending on which part of the lake you are. It goes from shallow as little as 1 ft. to over 60 ft deep. There are areas where there are mostly manufactured homes, campers, fishing cabins to luxurious lake homes in sxclusive gated communities and everything in between. It goes without saying the deep water, docks or ability to have a dock, in gated communities carry a higher price tag,  

How Much most importantly how much you can spend will determine the choices you will have. if you want the deep water, a dock & gated community you can plan on spending $300,000 and up. If you want deep water, a dock or ability to have a dock but you don't care about the gated community and you are ok with a small home or even a manufactured home  plan on spending from $160,000 up unless you find a fixer upper or foreclosure. You might be fortunate enough to run up on a property priced under market price. A good real estate agent will be invaluable to you in keeping an eye out for those treasures. There is one a client of mine bid on yesterday. Great water! with a dock not so nice manufactured home but definitley fixable with a big beautiful  covered deck overlooking the lake.201 Bomber Ct If you are looking for a lake lot you can expect to spend $100,000 and up for year round water that is dockable. Most gated communities will require at least an 1800 sq. ft home, architectural guidelines and no manufactured or modular homes. A nice lot on year round water dock-able outside of a gated community are hard to find and typically will run $100,000 and up too but you won't have the restrictions on what you put on it in most areas around the lake. You can buy a lot in a shallow or narrow cove dock-able or not for less than a $100,000 and use the public boat ramps scattered around the lake for much less but they are not as plentiful. I have seen some lakefront lots not in a subdivision dock-able in a shallow cove ( probably dry in the Winter for as little as $25,000 a little more or a little less. I've also seen small lake homes in similar water for $60,000 a little more or a little less. So there is probably a property for just about everyone's price range.


If you would like someone to guide you trhough the process I would be thrilled to help you, no matter what your budget. I look forward to showing you what Lake Greenwood has to offer.




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