Like doctors have the hypocratic oath we have the oath of Co Operation.

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Our Industry due to Co Operation Is Like No Other Industry. 

We market to each other and it is my belief that real estate is the only industry I know of that does Co Operate with each other which makes this a valid topic.  We share our listings with the real estate community.  We willingly market our  product and solicit help from the mls real estate industry with a co operative commission. 

I believe, too, that Sales People make up our world regeneration.  We can have great pride in our ability to make a difference in the world at a very high Production scale that has the potential to create wealth in people's lives like no other business investment. 

We may be tired of hearing agents brag about themselves and call out for a pat on the back for a job well done because we are told the Seller and Buyer wants to know What's In It For Them and they are not interested in we are this and we are that.  The thing is it all goes hand in hand.  We are what they get. The buying and selling community needs to know if we co operate literally with other agents to the fullest extent of our professionalism.

Our individual ability to Co Operate with other agents will be one of the highest priorities a buyer and seller can benefit from in choosing their agent.  We need each other and we need to not forget that for one moment.  Sure our industry has realtors that are in need of guidance and real change to benefit buyers and sellers but so does every industry have it's ethical, proud and lesser individuals in need of classroom Sales instruction that benefits the big picture.

If I am going to Judge you then you have the right to judge me. Usually this really does not go anywhere.  I think a mentoring promotion real estate wide could find benefit as the proven help the unproven Realtor bridge the lessons.  Many times the real estate license can be used without the necessary skills to help the world find their way and do well with their buying or selling investment and no one benefits if we have not participated to the fullest co operative length. 

I have the idea of a mentoring system for people who might learn ethics in their first 5 years so their career is one of pride shared by everyone in the industry.  We all want to protect and project a favorable image.  Co Operation leaves up open to ports of entry somewhat like our computers getting a virus.  When you are welcomed into our community you have our Ethical Productivity Vows To Live Up To.  While there is no nationwide mentoring system the idea of coaching has certainly become popular but within the industry in the name of Co Operation I look for leadership to brainstorm, consider, discuss how we continue to improve our agents, one agent at a time one transaction at a time and one example of leadership at a time. We are not born knowing all we need to know. Give a helping hand when it is justified.  Look for the good in everyone and help them over the bridge. Your tuteledge may not be accepted or rewarded but you know you gave what you have to the one in need and you go forward. You help because to you your sight says this person is in need of a mentoring program - then ask yourself, is there something I can say or do even if we do not complete this transaction together we are in a co operative industry.

Like doctors have the hypocratic oath we have the oath of Co Operation. 

We have such a wonderful business when agents operate their business like a business they have Pride in and want to still be working in tomorrow.  The future comes quickly.  It is a sad lament not only in this business but in every industry that the only thing you can put forword is What Is Inside Of You so make sure you are sharing that person you have worked so hard to become.  Who you are is what you share.  Certainly, we all have weaknesses and compassion may allow us to forgive our own and others especially if they are working a process to improve that could conceivably be set up and in place by 2010. 

I work in Southeast Florida and right now after our last devastating Hurricane our "Big Picture" in the real estate industry shows we suffer from unrealistic pricing in taxes and insurance and that needs to change.  Locally each of us works with a top priority and it may be interesting for me to ask you what you feel your cities top priority or "Big Picture" is in the real estate practice where you do business. 

One at a time We all need to Work On What Is Inside Of Us.  It is a full time job.  Co Operation in real estate is a full time job too.  You just may be the difference in another agents life that participated in the mentoring you shared and that turns into that pay it forward proposition.  You help the agent that is learning or for some reason still searching for what is inside  that will deliver the projection we want for all Realtors. 

We know we work hard and smart and we can even understand people may not be interested in hearing just how wonderful we say we are in our self promotion but Actions Speaking Louder Than Words Constitute Co Operation.

Are You Known To Always Do Your Best To Co Operate With Every Agent That Has Chosen To Work With You?

An unethical suggestion may be diffused by a recommendation of legitimacy you suggest that the agent just had never thought of and the agent just believed what was being done was "Selling".  

Remember we are all one.  Remember Real Estate may have been the first community to figure this out.  Remember Co Operation is our Operation.  

Right Now in this market Real Estate Agents have never been needed more for the skills they have and represent.

Right Now there has never been a better time for Buyers to move into the real estate market because they are offered so much choice.

Be One With The Good News.  Real Estate Is Always Co Operation. Put co operation on the top of your list of personal duties and help every agent one agent at a time to grow and then you are Co Operation which is what this industry proposes with every sale that is beneficial for our industry and in the publics best interest.

Just think about it.  Have I cooperated to the fullest extent of my capability.  Could I have done more to mentor the appropriate closing that would benefit all. 

The only badge you earn in this industry, as far as I am concerned, is Did I fully Co Operate with my fellow agent to either accept, counter, or refuse.  Even a refusal can be done with respect.  Refuse and make a suggestion that may have made things different and perhaps the pay forward concept can take over and reward the next transaction after yours because you took a moment to Counsel and Refuse with Dignity.  Don't think the worst suggest the best.  An agent may or may not be ready to hear a brilliant suggestion but it still becomes your compassionate legacy.  

Our Real Estate Industry Is The Only One That Co Operates. Is that Awesome, and Wholesome and as the world should be or what? We need each other we are all one give yourself to each other and see what happens.  If you are already doing this then I congratulate you on your professional survival method because When You Co Operate You Perform A Sales Tactic Like No Other Tactic Available To All Of Us Industry wide and it is called Co Operation and I am Proud and Pleased to Confess that Professionalism requires Co Operation and no man is an island.

Remember what makes you different from every other profession. You Co Operate For a Profession.  

When You Go To Work To Co Operate You Change Your Life, Another Agents Life, and The Buyer And Sellers Life, Your Families, Your Companies, and on and on you are effective. You Stimulate the Economy and Make Every Thing Regenerate. You Have A Pretty Important Responsibility to Co Operate With A Lot Of People When You Go To Work And That Is The Oath You Say You Will Support.

Physicians Practice. We practice too. We practice Co Operation until we get it right there is none. How many times do we co operate - Every Time. You Make All The Difference. 

I am proud to be a Realtor and work with you.

Activerain is a great opportunity to practice and remember we are all about co operation; isn't it? 


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Mike Jones
SUNSTREET MORTGAGE, LLC (BK-0907366, NMLS 145171) - Tucson, AZ
Mike Jones NMLS 223495


Welcome to Active Rain!  I found this place last July, and it's become a big part of my marketing as a lender.  See you again soon.

Mike in Tucson

Feb 29, 2008 07:08 AM